Best Property Management System in Pakistan

If a company or organization (such as a real estate company) owns a real estate investment portfolio, one of the key points to ensure optimal development and cost savings is the proper management of the real estate.

 Zameen CRM provides an integrated property management system that can provide comprehensive and consistent property management and installments procedures. The system consists of two integrated modules.

The Real estate management system is a sales process automation system that organizes the entire customer account. This system can also affect the increase or decrease of income. The system also allows a statistical analysis of the behavior of each salesperson in the sales process and sales cycle.

The property management system is also one of the sales and operation CRM systems, which can improve customer satisfaction in the sales department.

Management is a core module designed to support the best-integrated property management system suitable for leasing, sales, purchase, property loss, and insurance needs.

It Solves any problem you need and adjusts the privacy of the property management issue. Zameen CRM provides the best solutions for property management systems, including the following functions:

The general features of Zameen CRM are following:

General Features:

  • Property Manager
  • Sales & Transfers Agreements
  • Leasing/ Installment Management
  • Integration with ERP and Financial
  • Collections Management
  • Recovery, Rent and Maintenance Management
  • Cloud based

Dealer/Agent Management:

  • Profile/company Info
  • Dashboard
  • Search Feature with Filters
  • Listing Management
  • Property Ranking
  • Dealer
  • Messages to user

Token Management:

  • Token receiving and reservation of the unit
  • Token refund, cancellation, and validity extension
  • At the time of file creation, Token adjustment with a down payment
  • Installment calculator

Integrated Systems:

  • Construction Management System
  • Rental Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Building Management System

Value-added Features: ​

  • Balloting
  • Monthly maintenance
  • Help Desk
  • Late payment surcharge management
  • Sales-Commission Management
  • Recovery Management
  • Allotment Management

Investor Management:

  • Investor file management
  • Sales management of investor reserved plots to member
  • Bulk / Unit-wise reservation of units to an investor
  • Investor installment plan management